About Me

Erin E. Designer and Owner of The Craft Bar and Boutique

Hello Everyone!
My name is Erin and I am the owner and designer at the Craft Bar and Boutique. I have been in the Crafting life for years, but started my business 3 years ago. Over the last few years my business has gone through various changes. I have changed my name; Miss EEs Goodies to ‘TheCBB’, went from being a solid “buy in” boutique group to just selling shirts and decals I created, and then recently adding class options for people wanting to learn.

I’ve recently started to blog and do videos to go along with my business. In the long foreseen future, Id love to open up my own DIY Bar for people to come enjoy crafting in a fun social atmosphere. For now, I will stick to being online and keep enjoying what I am doing.

At home, I am a single mother of 2 kids and also have 2 dogs. I work my business and also have a morning office job at a local family business. I have been extremely lucky over the years. I was a mother at a young age. I went to college at a local technical school for 3 and half years. I worked in Childcare for about 5 years and then decided to switch to the Office life. As much as I love kids, being a preschool teacher, it did not pay our bills.

Now I consider myself extremely lucky. I get to work from home on snow days, I can have a flexible schedule when my children are sick, I get to be as creative as I want and do what I love, and I can do most of it in my PJs (if I wanted to). I love seeing peoples face when I create them something special and meaningful to them. I have made a difference with customers locally and Domestically in the US. I love being able to sell on the Etsy platform, it has really been a game changer with my business.

I hope that my blog will really help others who are new and learning, or even parents and teachers looking for cool crafts for the kids.
Thank you all so much, with much much love!, Erin E.